Game Changers Inner Circle

With Adam Strong

A 12-month mastermind programme for leaders to connect, learn and share 
under the leadership of Adam Strong. This Application-Only Mastermind programme
will transform the lives of the people willing to put in the effort needed to change.
So are you ready to change the game and the shift the needle in your business?

Hi, I’m Adam Strong, a business strategist specialising in helping frustrated business owners and leaders create strategies and frameworks to scale their business.
Masterminds are an amazing opportunity to learn and grow your business. And I’ve learnt a lot from the mastermind groups I’ve been part of.

But I always had a nagging gut feeling that something was missing.

But what?

The more I thought about it the clearer it became to me. A truly transformative mastermind needs to be built around human connection, collaboration and attracting people who genuinely care for others.

It also needs something else. Joy.

Now what do I mean by joy?

I believe we work best when we’re having a good time. It’s our instinct to move towards joy and away from pain. If we don’t enjoy the process of scaling a business, if there’s no adventure, if it’s just drudgery then the journey becomes much harder, because there’s no joy.

Here’s to joy!

Obviously, my mastermind members know they need to put in the effort to reach their goals, but why be so serious about it?

Haven’t you tried serious?

Wasn’t working at a job serious? You wanted to set out on your own to do things your way. We grow most when we’re relaxed and open to new ideas and surround ourselves with likeminded people.

As a former elite distance runner who’s trained with Olympians (including Sir Mo Farah) I know the power of being with people who are all working towards the same goal and getting the support they need.

The satisfaction of knowing you’ve done everything possible to be the best you can be.
I know you probably feel stretched. That there’s always so much to do.

That you never seem to have time to actually plan.

I have a highly technical term for that situation.


Isn’t it time you became unstuck?

Enough of chasing your own tail!

That’s why I created the Game Changers Inner Circle.

A mastermind that comprises of collaborative people who want you to succeed as much they want themselves to succeed.

That’s also why there’s a waiting list.

Fancy a chat?

Stuart Johnson

Financial Advisor

I’ve been working with Adam for 7/8 months now, and the changes to my business are really beginning to shine through. Prior to meeting business it was clear to me that I wasn’t a natural business professional. Adam helped me to focus my mindset, develop short term/medium/long term goals. Accountability was very important; Adam was there checking up on me to monitor my progress. This alone was essential to my business transformation. I highly recommend Adam, his Game Changing Inner Circle is very wise investment. Thank you Adam.

The Game Changers Inner Circle

Think Of It As WD-40 For Your Business

A Tribe

We're the culmination of the people we mix with. That's why it's so important to mix with people who can help us grow. And also why joining the Game Changers Inner Circle is an application-only process. Because I need to know you'll be a great fit and add as much as you take.


We learn better when we experience joy. So every 4 months we’ll get together and travel to a foreign destination for a two-day meeting. We’ll share and learn new ideas and create relationships with each other. We’ll also meet with local businesspeople to learn about different methods and viewpoints. 


Sometimes we let things slide. “Next week will be fine,” we tell ourselves. That’s just a way of justifying being stuck. Imagine, 12 months of being held accountable to do the things you said you were going to do. How could that fast-track your business growth? And how joyous would you feel when you achieve your goal?

World-Class Experts

Every month I’ll invite a world class expert to come and share their knowledge and insights with the group. Covering a range of topics and getting you ahead of industry trends and you’ll be able to ask questions so you can fully benefit from their expertise.

Heather Barrie

Goal Mastery Expert & Entrepreneur

I've known Adam for many years and have worked closely with him, both on his group programmes and when attending his summits. His enthusiasm is boundless and his generosity with his time, his knowledge, his great contacts and his never-ending quest for the success of others is rare to find these days.

Your Questions Answered

Am I Locked Into A Long-Term Contract?

To Achieve The Results You Desire And Manage Expectations We Ask Members To Commit For 12 Months. This Gives Us A Good Amount Of Time To See The Strategies We Create For Your Business Are Effective And Allow You The Time To Implement What We Advise. 

Is This The Right Group For Me?

If You're An Experienced Business Owner or Leader Who Wants To Scale And Make An Impact But Find Yourself Chasing Your Own Tail, Then Yes, This Is Definitely For You!

How Do I Join?

Remember, You Must Join The Waiting List First. When You Fill Out The Application Form, I'll Personally Review it And If Everything Seems Good, We'll Have A Conversation. Then, If I Decide I Can Help You, AND You'll Be A Good Fit, I'll Invite You To Join.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, Absolutely - This Can Be Discussed If A Place Is Offered To You.

What Commitments Are You Expecting From Me?

Every Month There Will Be An In-Person Event (Venue TBC) 10:00-16:00, Digital Business Strategy Sessions (Approx 60 mins) And One-To-One's. Every 4 Months, We will Run A 2-Day Mastermind Abroad (Dates Will be Provided 3 Months in Advance).

Is There A Guarantee?

No, As In Life, There Is No Guarantee. There Are Just Too Many Variables Outside Of My Control To Offer One. But I Promise I Will Use All My Expert Knowledge And Experience To Get You Unstuck And Succeed In Transforming Your Business.

Do You Offer Support Outside Of The Live Sessions?

Yes Absolutely, We Offer Members one to one Strategy Sessions And Have Regular Accountability Throughout The Week. Our Community Will Provide You With Insight and Empowerment. 

Paul Burton

Coach & Management Consultant 

Adam is a genuine guy.  He really understands the role and challenges founders face and has a great approach to quickly understand where to focus along with great range of tools and services to help you overcome them. It feels like you're working with somebody who's primary goal is to help others succeed in life. Thanks for your support Adam.

When You 
Change The Game.
You Change Everything!

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